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Blessings to you, our members & friends! Whether you are a regular attendee of Cornerstone or a faithful friend, we send this note out to you today to share with you some mission and vision changes that are coming our way, and we want you to be informed so that you can pray for CCOC, engage its leaders in conversation and give us your feedback as we together discern the future for ministry at Cornerstone. It was about 6 years ago that Cornerstone officially separated from FPCOC and became its own independent church; a new church development, actually, which means that we are at the beginning stages of what is needed to be a chartered church. Cornerstone has a separate leadership team, budget, mission and vision. But, Cornerstone’s roots are with FPCOC, as we began to meet as their English ministry. Since our separation from FPCOC, their church has not had an English ministry, and for the past several years, this has been a growing concern. Now, with Rev. Hsu and the support of a session that is working hard to envision a new future for FPCOC, they have decided that it is time for them to develop again an English ministry, and a ministry that would encompass all generations. In order to do this, they will begin to develop a team of leaders who are interested in this same mission and vision for their church, and they are hoping to develop this team at the start of the New Year, January 2013. So, how does this impact Cornerstone? First, we want to assure you that our mission and vision as a church has not changed. We believe that God has called us to gather as believers in Him to worship, study and serve the Lord. We also believe our mission is to join with other TPC English ministries and strengthen the bonds of our similar heritage, and look forward to seeing how God will guide and direct our paths as a worshiping community of faith. It is also our hope to continue to partner with FPCOC in their mission. We invite your prayers and conversation during this time of transition. As a church, Cornerstone will begin to look for a new place in which to worship on Sundays, so as not to impede the work and worship for FPCOC. It has been a tremendous blessing for Cornerstone to be able to worship in this place, and to be able to share members and space with FPCOC. At this point of change and transition, we want to do our best to encourage you all to experience the freedom to worship and serve in the place where God is blessing you. Fundamentally, we are one church; united in our faith in Jesus Christ, but as we seek to faithfully lead our members in mission, we will take different paths, and sometimes our paths to serve God are not always the same. This is especially difficult in our present circumstances when so many of our members have parents, family members and lifelong friends in FPCOC. So, while we understand the need for this change, it also is one that saddens us a bit when we consider the consequences. Still, we give God thanks for blessing Cornerstone, and FPCOC, with a clear sense of his mission. Let’s be mindful to pray for the leaders and members of both churches as we all work through the details of this transition. And most of all, may we all seek to do our very best to give God glory for the very real privilege we have in serving him. Blessings, Steering Committee of Cornerstone Church of Orange County

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